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Green Identity We work closely and independently with many real estate developers, builders, owners, facility managers, architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, construction managers, lenders and government officials.

In Green Buildings there is no "One size fits all" approach.
Each project has its own set of critical parameters.

Our integrated consulting team speaks your language, and is built of experienced Sustainability Consultants and LEED® Accredited Professionals (LEED® AP) who will only propose solutions after investigating the real needs for each client and researching the possible suitable alternatives.

e-EcoSolutions is your True Sustainability consulting partner.
LEED® certification Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Green Pages, Green Events and Conferences .

True sustainability revolves around three key aspects: Economics (Profit), Environment ( Planet), and Social Responsibility (People), known as the Triple Bottom-line or the 3Ps.
Consequently, any True Sustainable building should produce long-term positive economic impact, use sustainable environmental practices, and be socially responsible by improving the lives with whom the building interacts.

Based on this fundametal approach, our experienced Engineers will always research deep green solutions that are ECOnomical, ECOlogical, and ECOfriendly.

Our Partners
al-ewan ALEWAN is an international engineering consulting firm that provides interior, landscape and architectural design services.
ecoconsulting EcoConsulting is an environmental consultancy specializing in eco-building. We work with clients, architects, and developers to improve the sustainability of their projects and offer them cost-effective, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly measures. This includes dynamic thermal modelling, daylighting studies, BREEAM certification and eco-building advice.

we Both our TV and magazine are entirely dedicated to cover worldwide environmental issues such as Global Warming, Water, Energy, Waste Management, Sustainable Development, Green Building and Biodiversity. Through documentaries, articles and interviews to the most influent environment experts we aim to educate and promote an awareness and respect for the environment.

World Environment Magazine's policy is to use papers that are renewable, recyclable and from sustainable source. In addition all the waste is sent for recycling. WE TV and WE MAGAZINE are addressed to decision-makers and businessmen in the environment field by offering specialized technical news and distinguished editorial excellence. Stay tuned sign up for the FREE newsletter go to www.worldenvironment.tv

Member / Corporate Member
Member of U.S. Green Building Council Corporate member of Lebanon Green Building Council
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