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e-GreenPages by e-EcoSolutions !
Your Online Sustainability Directory to find Eco-friendly Building Solutions and to locate their Suppliers in the Middle East and North-Africa - MENA region. With a special feature: Search by LEED® credit!

Check our FAQ, send us an e-mail if you are interested to be listed, or Click here to start your search.

When consultants, architects, engineers and designers try to find the right Green solutions or products for their project, they often don't know where to start or are limited to the few choices that they know of. For them, researching the proper solutions is a time-consuming exercise that diverts them away from their core activities.

Similarly, manufacturers and suppliers of Green Building Products and Solutions find their marketing budgets extremely inflated due to their participation in many events, expos, and activities to promote their Green solutions to their target audience located in the small and segmented markets of the MENA region, which includes 17 countries each with it's own set of business and cultural complexities.

THE SOLUTION by e-EcoSolutions
Unlike many Online directories, e-GreenPages is not a simple listing directory of companies and their addresses or key activities. It is a valuable resource consolidating and producing a rich set of information per company including:

  • General company addresses including links to its main web-site
  • Summary description of the company and its Green products
  • Company's international Green Label Partnerships or Certifications
  • Pictures of relevant Green Product and Solutions
  • A MENA distributor locator to find the nearest distributor or regional office
  • A set of valuable free-to-download data files sorted as:
    - "GREEN Specs" to get support material for the LEED® Credits or Green features.
    - "Product Resources' such as Product Literature (brochures, catalogs, etc) or Technical Sheets (Tables, CAD files, BIM, etc)

Green products listed in e-GreenPages can be found by three search options:

Search by LEED® credit.
If you are aiming to certify your project as per any of the five current LEED® 2009 certifications produced by the U.S. Green Building Council, you can easily search by LEED® credit and find which products can help you to achieve this particular LEED® credit.

Your search result will highlight all Companies and their respective Products that meet your search criteria, in addition to a table showing the maximum contribution points of this product in each of the seven sustainability categories of the searched LEED® 2009 certification.

In this search option, we guarantee that all potential points are backed by supplier material explaining how each credit can be met in relation to its intent. We do no guarantee or take any responsibility for the accuracy of the supplier material and claims.

Products that can be found in the search by LEED® credit can also be found under the search by Product Category and the search by Keyword. Hence, having the highest search power.

Search by Product Category.
Search by Product Category if you want to find all available products in a specific Green Construction Category and locate their distributors or partners in the MENA region.
Your search result will highlight all Companies and respective Products that meet your search criteria, in addition to a table showing their Green Features relevance over ten categories:

  • RC - Recycled Content
  • MR - Materials Reuse
  • CW - Certified Wood
  • RR - Rapidly Renewable Material
  • VOC - Low Emissions & VOCs
  • RE - Renewable Energy
  • REU - Reduce Energy use
  • RWU - Reduce Water Use
  • RNP - Reduce Noise Pollution
  • RLP - Reduce Light Pollution

Each Green Feature is also defined by a mouseover balloon.

Products that can be found in the search by Product Category can also be found under the search by Keyword.

Search by keyword.
The search by keyword will list all companies that have a relevant Green Product or Solution to your keyword search. This is the most generally used method to locate Green products, independently from their Green features or LEED® credits.


What is the MENA region?
The MENA region stands for the Middle East and North Africa region. It includes 17 countries grouped in 3 areas:
1- ARAB GULF (GCC) including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.
2- LEVANT including the countries of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria.
3- NORTH AFRICA including the countries of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia.

Is e-GreenPages free for users?
e-GreenPages is a Free–to-Use directory. We only require users to create a username for their Login and subsequent unlimited search or downloads.

Is e-GreenPages free for Suppliers listing?
A minimal annual listing fee of 1,000USD applies to Companies to be featured in e-GreenPages. Companies with a multitude of Green Product families are advised to contact us at egreenpages@eecosolutions.com to inquire about our special packages.

Why do you charge Companies for listing fees?
e-GreenPages is a B2B Professional directory. Listing fees are our main income source contributing to the Development, Accuracy, Maintenance, and Marketing of this important tool.

Is there any advertising space on e-GreenPages?
e-GreenPages includes an elegantly-designed non-invasive Advertising space for Companies aiming to increase their visibility and business potential. Kindly contact us at egreenpages@eecosolutions.com to inquire about our advertising rates and options.

Are Users or listed Companies charged any fees if they transact directly with each other?
We do not charge any fees or commissions to Users or listed Companies who may do business with each other as a result of e-GreenPages search.

Why does a Company need to be listed in e-GreenPages if it does not have distributors or regional offices in the MENA region?
e-GreenPages is the ONLY search engine FOCUSED on Green Building Products in the MENA region. Companies listed in e-GreenPages will have many opportunities to deal directly with MENA customers from their home-base, or to be spotted by potential distributors. Unless your company has no resources for international business potential, e-GreenPages is surely your partner for reaching into the MENA part of the Global business world.

How do you ensure the marketing of e-GreenPages?
Although our directory is online, our marketing methods use online, face-to-face and printed traditional marketing methods.
e-GreenPages is marketed directly to all LEED® credentialed professionals serving the MENA region and to all Architects, Engineers, Consultants and Designers through their local orders and associations. We also use online social networks such as facebook, twitter and the likes to reach our target users. Being members of the U.S. Green Building Council and local GBCs in the MENA, we are present in most relevant face-to-face networking sessions, and do not miss a chance to present live e-GreenPages at any Green Building forum, exhibitions or conference. e-GreenPages is also strategically advertised in relevant monthly or weekly magazines.

What is LEED® ?
LEED® is the Green Building Rating System created by the U.S. Green Building Council. Due to its high diversity and universality, LEED® quickly became the most internationally adopted Green building rating system. There are about 132,000 LEED® Credentialed professionals serving 20,000 companies in the world. LEED® already has 28,000 projects in 91 countries.

Why did you decide to create a search by LEED® credit when there are other Green building rating systems in the world?
For the moment, LEED® by the USGBC is the most used Green building Rating system in the MENA region. In the future, if other International or Local rating systems will be highly used, we will include them in e-GreenPages. Such as ESTIDAMA in Abu-Dhabi, or QSAS in Qatar..

How do you ensure non-bias to big advertisers or frequently listed companies?
Nothing in e-GreenPages can be source of bias. All companies have to produce relevant data for their Green products attributes and be listed accordingly. We do not produce product reviews or give any opinion on any product.

Is there a printed version of e-GreenPages?
We do not produce any printed version of the e-GreenPages. We are committed to reduce the carbon footprint of our business and to save trees. In addition printed versions quickly become outdated due to the dynamic changes and additions in the Green products industry. Being Online is the sustainable way to remain up-to-date and Green.

What is the Product Category system that you use?
We split all Green Building products into two main categories: Indoor and Outdoor building material amd solutions, with single-leveled subcategories. We did not use the US CSI-MasterFormat™ due to its added complexities and low relevance to the MENA region for the time-being.


If you wish to be listed in the e-GreenPages, kindly contact us at egreenpages@eecosolutions.com
We will send you our listing kit including forms, templates, guidelines, pricing and payment terms.

We welcome your feedback on egreenpages@eecosolutions.com to continuously improve e-GreenPages

Click here to start your search,… and keep building Green !!
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